Summer Concert Series in the Northwest Bronx

July 18, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz will present seven summer concerts beginning July 18th and ending August 23rd in the Northwest Bronx. Venue hosts and co-presenters include the Amalgamated/Park Reservoir Housing Cooperatives, the Riverdale YM-YWHA and Henry Hudson Park. All shows will be free and open to the public. “I am pleased to provide funding to the Bronx Council on the Arts for this amazing free concert series,” says Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (District 81). “All of the performances are superb. I encourage my neighbors and constituents to attend and I know you will have a great time!”

Performers will include:

  • Ginetta’s Vendetta at the Amalgamated Train Park (July 187-9pm)
  • the Just Nuts Party Dance Band at Henry Hudson Park (July 247-9pm)
  • John Benitez and his Salsa Band at Amalgamated Train Park (Aug 27-9pm)
  • the Mystery Tour Beatles Tribute Band at Henry Hudson Park (Aug 97-9pm)
  • The Gene DiNapoli Variety All-Star Show at Riverdale YM-YWHA (Aug 217-9pm)
  • the New York Skyscrapers and Friends at Riverdale YM-YWHA (Aug 227-9pm)
  • River of Dreams at Riverdale YM-YWHA (Billy Joel Cover Band) on Aug 237-9pm.

“The summer concerts that Assemblyman Dinowitz makes possible are a great way for us to meet families and individuals from around the Bronx, in a way that’s different than our year-round Bronx Writers Center and Longwood Art Gallery programs,” says Bronx Council on the Arts Deputy Director Charlie Vázquez, who also directs Bronx Writers Center programs. “I began my creative journey as a young musician in the Bronx and that’s what summer’s for: to have fun and meet new people.”    For more information and to sign up for the Bronx Council on the Arts free arts and culture newsletter go to:

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