Co-ops Are for Lovers: Networking event

February 13, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Are you looking for a partner in your industry? Do you have an idea for a business?

Our event is part information session and part networking for individuals (or groups) interested in starting a small business, or those who are in the early stages of business formation. You might not find love but you could find potential business partners around your idea.

We lead entrepreneurs through a 5 month process to launch a business in under a year. Through our Co-op Academy we work with entrepreneurs committed to taking their ideas and creating a worker-owned business. It demystifies the startup process, and reduces time spent trying to figure out what customers actually want. And we do this all at no cost – free.

Starting a new business can be a scary proposition. Perhaps the scariest thing of all is knowing that most start-ups won’t be successful.

– Cooperative businesses have lower failure rates than traditional corporations and small businesses, after the first year of startup, and after 5 years in business.

– After 5 years, 90% of cooperatives are still in business, while only 3 – 5% of traditional businesses are still operating after 5 years.

– This is often because of the many people involved in starting a cooperative and the high level of community support for cooperatives.

Turn your great idea into a real worker-owned business. Hit the ground running with a strong team and a solid plan.

More info here.

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