Holiday Photo Tips From Nikon and Techlicious

We’re officially in November! And that means the holidays are here in full force.  If you’re a procrastinator like me- here is your reminder that it’s time to plan those holiday card photos. To help you out, we’re sharing some tips from a Nikon & Techlicious event we went to for taking better holiday photos- as well as a few gadgets and accessories you might want to add to those lists

Checking out the Google Home

When our friends over at Verizon asked us to check out the Google Home, I was very curious to see how I’d feel about it. While Google is my best friend and my life would be a hot mess without the many apps and services it provides-  I wasn’t quite sure if I’d ever want to bring something like the Home into my home. But, I was curious to try it

A Closer Look at the Google Pixel Camera

The most recent phone we’ve partnered up with Verizon to check out is the Pixel from Google. The first Google branded phone, it started out as a strong contender to the iPhone upon its release, and while there are already a slew of comparison reviews online- quite frankly I know most iPhone users aren’t budging. This review however, is for those Android users who are interested in seeing what the Pixel

CompTIA Wants to Flip the Stereotype Surrounding #womenintech with #MakeTechHerStory

Did you know that a study conducted by CompTIA found that only 23 percent of girls considered an IT career? Despite women playing a key role in the growth of the IT industry, their representation has stagnated. CompTIA is on a mission to change that. After a study conducted over the summer, they’ve started the #MakeTechHerStory campaign. See the video below for more of their study’s findings and then read below

Six Verizon Accessories That Support Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Verizon will donate $3 to CampHOPE America for every HopeLine purple accessory purchased from Verizon. CampHOPE America is a camping and mentoring program for children exposed to trauma caused by domestic violence. Accessories include the LG TONE Pro, mophie powerstation 6000, UE MEGABOOM, and Tech 21 and OtterBox cases.     OtterBox Commuter Series Case LG TONE PRO Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Pokémon GO: A Fun Guide to the Latest Craze

Here’s a playful guide to the latest craze of the new Pokémon GO app- a great way for parents to have active fun with their young gamers and take a trip back into time with a classic.     By: Eric Katechis If you’re like me, then you’ve been seeing your Facebook and Twitter feed jammed with news about Pokémon GO. What is it? Well it’s a AR game that uses your camera (optional) to

Summer STEM Series: Annedroids

This is a sponsored post.     While the summer is a nice break from testing and nightly homework, it’s still important to keep young minds engaged. This doesn’t mean you have to create tedious lesson plans and miss out on outdoor fun- the opportunity to learn is everywhere. Think of a topic in school and there is a way to turn any summer setting into the classroom. Summer is

A Closer Look at the HTC 10 From Verizon Wireless

When it comes to tech, Bronxmama founder Nicole keeps it simple. She’s all about basic functions and of course, photos. Lots and lots of photos. Bronxmama writer Eric is quite the opposite- following the latest releases and paying close attention to tech details. So when Verizon sent over the HTC 10 for the team to review, what better way to see it from two points of view than to combine

Bose SoundLink + Verizon Swag Bag Giveaway #BetterMatters

  If you remember earlier last month we shared with you our our experience with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as well as the Gear VR virtual reality headset. To continue the fun, we’re happy to have partnered up with Verizon on a fun giveaway for Bronxmama readers. One of you will win a Bose SoundLink + Verizon Swag Bag. The giveaway includes: A Bose Soundlink A Verizon backpack Tech gloves And some fun

A Closer Look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

By: Martha Katechis I was delighted to get the chance to preview the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at the Verizon Store in Harold Square! Looks along this phone is impressive I love the way it feels in my hand with the curved edges and the new gun metal silver is phenomenal. I can definitely see myself using that to apply makeup on the run instead of a mirror. The IT developer

Vote for Bronx School's App Idea to Assist the Blind in Crossing the Street

From left to right: Rachel Klein (Team Spext Faculty Advisor), William Cline, Kylie Blitzer, Carly Chasen and Eddie Landzberg. All are members of Team Spext and in the 8th Grade at Riverdale Country School in Bronx. NY. Missing from the photo is: CC Katz. If you remember just a few months ago, we shared information about Verizon’s Innovative App Challenge, where students had the chance to submit ideas for an app

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