A Closer Look: Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers

Santa is a tradition for many of us. We remember the excitement of writing our list every year, mailing it off to the North Pole, and trying to stay up late enough to catch the big guy putting presents under the tree. And while we teach our children to always be truthful, we can’t help but give them the same magic our parents gave us. So when the kids start

Kid's Winter Haul at Kid City

We all know how expensive it can become when trying to buy new clothes for our children’s wardrobe each season. Unlike our own closet where we can just add a few new pieces, most kids don’t fit anything from the year before. It’s great to find those affordable go-to places where you can pick up some staple pieces to start each season with. So with $100 budget, we headed to Kid City

Retro Holiday Party with BJ's Wholesale Club

In between the big holiday family gatherings, it’s always fun to host a little something with friends. It’s a great way to kick off the holiday spirit and celebrate friendships. This season, old school fun is trending and is a great theme for holiday parties. You don’t have to spend your Christmas budget on your get together- simply dedicate a bar or table to include some era appropriate food and decor and

Fall and Winter Faves from See Kai Run

When it comes to footwear for toddlers, comfort and the right fit come first- but fashionable is so much fun. When we went looking for some of our favorite fall and winter footwear for little ones, we fell in love with See Kai Run. Started in 2004 by a mom who had trouble finding sophisticated styles that also promoted healthy foot development, all of their shoes are proportionally engineered for a child’s

Tablet Talk: The School Zone Little Scholar Tablet

  While we try not to let technology take over and devices rule our life- let’s face it, tablets can be a life saver. In the car, at the supermarket- they buy us a little bit of time and when it’s the right tablet- are educational also. We’ve seen many message board conversations where moms want to know the best tablet to invest in for their children and have seen

Checking Out Sage Spoonful's Glass Homemade Essentials Package + Giveaway!

By: Nicole Jackson As a first time Mom of a vibrant healthy baby boy, this immediate and overwhelming sensation to give him the best of everything came over me.  Before he was even born the conversation of “FOOD” arose between my husband and I.  With all of the research we have done between the two of us on healthy foods, healthy living, and the cause and effects of the chemical

Peapod Meal Kit: Farfalle with Butternut Squash by Barilla

If you haven’t already heard, Peapod just rolled out these new Meal Kits featuring Barilla pastas. Each kit comes with pre-measured ingredients- so all you have to do is follow the recipe and create a meal for your family. Kits Available: -Peapod Meal Kit: Farfalle with Butternut Squash by Barilla -Peapod Meal Kit: Tortellini Soup by Barilla -Peapod Meal Kit: Baked Rotini with Mozzarella & Spinach by Barilla -Peapod Meal Kit:

Checking out Guitar Hero Live

For the holidays, we love gift ideas that can be for a particular person- but also things that the whole family can enjoy. Bronxmama’s go-to Daddy Contributor Eric recently had the chance to check out Guitar Hero’s latest debut- Guitar Hero Live. See what he thinks:   By: Eric Katechis   As a father who works full time, it’s hard to find time to play the latest and greatest games. To

Family Time with Disney Infinity 3.0- Star Wars Starter Pack

By: Eric Katechis When I got home from work I had a little more energy than usual. My editor (Boss Lady as we call her) was over and her daughter Briana was patiently waiting. It was Time for Disney infinity 3.0! We had been itching to play together and as I got upstairs I unwrapped the game and she went about setting up the Platform for us to use the

Photographer Wants Mothers to Remember to Exist in Photographs

Exist in photographs. This is a message that Bronx photographer Richard Rosario is determined to spread- specifically to women and mothers. Scroll through the photo albums on a mom’s cell phone and you’re likely to find hundreds of photos of her children; the first day of school, swinging at the park, holding hands with daddy… The photos of mom are usually few and far between because she’s the one holding

Checking Out New Menu Items at Chuck E. Cheese's

  As the weather gets colder and we search for more indoor activities, one place that kids love to go is Chuck E. Cheese’s. And as much as the kids love it there, it isn’t exactly the biggest thrill for parents. But if you’ve been following us on social media you’ll remember over the summer we had a chance to check out the new menu items available- and we recently stopped

Carhartt Family: Fall & Winter Gear

  We spend a lot of time outside, even in the colder months. We love to explore the outdoors, and attend a nature club at the Bronx Zoo every month. These meetups are held in pretty much any kind of weather- so we need jackets that are going to keep us seriously warm and handle the wear and tear from fort building, rock climbing, and other outdoor fun. We love

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