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IMG_20150914_203652264_HDRBronxmama is proud to be a member of The Bronx Bloggers,  a group of Bronx Bloggers who work together to promote the positive aspects of the Bronx. Join the #BronxBloggers for special events throughout the year and be sure to visit their individual blogs.

Are you a Bronx business or brand that wants to connect with Bronx families? The Bronx Bloggers offer multiple ways to reach their readers. Below are just some examples of how we can partner:

  • Events
  • Reviews
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Twitter Party
  • Giveaways
  • More..


BronxCentric  Bronxmama Bronx On The Go Bronx-PR  G.I.V.E Mommy’s Mingle Project Bronx

Tasty Ladies NY The Bronx Socialite The Mommy Sauce Tough Cookie Mommy Welcome 2 The Bronx

Who We’ve Worked With:





Upcoming Events

Stay tuned!

Past Events


We recently lost a member of our group, and most importantly a huge figure in the Bronx- Morgan Powell. 


  1. Hi, how can I join? My blog is not about the Bronx but I live in the Bronx and cover activities related to my lifestyle on my blog.


  2. Hello,
    I had the same question as above but not sure if the email was still valid I am a full time lifestyle blogger and I wanted to know about becoming a Bronx blogger.


    1. Yes, please reach out! Would love to connect!



  3. Hi,
    I’m an office volunteer with Big Apple Greeter, a 25-year-old, non-profit organization dedicated to making visitors from across the country and around the globe comfortable in New York City and showing off the neighborhoods we live in through informal, unscripted FREE walks. We would love to recruit more Bronxites to welcome visitors and let them see the hidden wonders of New York City’s youngest borough. How can we get the word out through the Bronx Bloggers? Check out our website, http://www.bigapplegreeter,org and let me know how best to connect.


  4. Boricua College registration has been extended until September 22 2017. We will be helping all those who have been working on joining a program but somehow missed out over this summer. We will be holding REGISTRATION until Sept 22th


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