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BronxMama is a lifestyle website for Bronx families. Here you can find local events, giveaways, reviews, travel ideas, and more. Whether you’re new to the Bronx or just trying to find something to do this weekend, you’re in the right place. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Bronxmama often hosts free and low cost events throughout the year for Bronx families. Learn more.

Bronxmama founder Nicole Perrino also started The Bronx Bloggers, a group of Bronx bloggers who work together to promote positive aspects of the Bronx. Learn more here.

In addition to local coverage, Bronxmama also features both reviews for Local Getaways and Family Travel, making it easy for Bronx families to get inspiration to travel- whether it is an hour away or a plane ride away. Bronxmama also participates in sponsored posts, ambassadorship opportunities, and paid collaborations- so long as they are a good fit with our audience.

Interested in contributing to BronxMama? We are always looking for new ideas, resources and events going on in the Bronx! Please email nicperrino@gmail.com.

Team Bronxmama

Photo: Photos by JB
Photo: Photos by JB


Photo: Photos by JB
Photo: Photos by JB

Mommy to Briana and Gia, Nicole Perrino started BronxMama in 2008 when she noticed the lack of resources for Bronx parents. She had no idea how big BronxMama would become, and is excited to see how much farther it will go. In addition to BronxMama, Nicole is also part of Windows of Hip Hop, a Bronx based economic development project promoting the educational, communal, and historical perspective of Hip Hop. She also serves on the Board of Advisors for the Bronx Children’s Museum as a Parent Leader. In her free time she likes to host dinner parties and events with her hubby, Chef Geronimo.

Nicole also started The Bronx Bloggers, and is cofounder of #BronxAwesome, a series of events for Bronxites hosted with Acuator Inc.



Photo: Photos by JB

Dalilah Smith-Santos
is a mom to a gorgeous, intelligent and at times very stubborn 8 year old daughter named Dahlia and wife to Omar, the guy who keeps her laughing. To pay the bills she is an administrative assistant for a teen center, so her “Mama hat” is always on. Dalilah  loves coffee, wine, reading, just about any show on Bravo & HBO but most of all spending time with her family and friends. When her daughter was born in 2005, mom websites were fairly new and she found there were few resources for parents raising children in the Bronx-so she often trekked to Manhattan for different activities and events with her baby.  BronxMama.com is an awesome resource to Mama’s and she is so excited to be a contributor!




Charlene Arias is a mom to a fun- loving boy named Aaron. She lives with her husband in the Bronx and enjoys all that this Boro has to offer. Charlene likes finding creative and fun things to do with her son and loves sharing the experience with other families. During her free time she enjoys bargain hunting (who doesn’t love a great sale?), trying organic products, beading jewelry and is most passionate about helping breastfeeding mommies. Charlene is currently training to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and works as a Registered Nurse in NYC.




13164324_10153669363428517_4504456305563358873_nThe Jackson Family – Together Nicole and Pope are the proud parents of a baby boy, who is now 9 months old.  Apart, Nicole Jackson is a mother, wife and Executive Assistant to the VP of Nursing at New York Presbyterian.  Pope Jackson is a father, husband and business owner of a production company called Actuator Inc.  Their world now revolves around creating a fun, healthy and safe environment for their little one. Both Nicole and Pope are deeply rooted in their community and always looking for ways to create awareness for the issues at hand.  Always in search of people, places or things that would enrich their lives and that of their son!




11251558_10155542249445158_1233258879_nMartha Katechis is a Bronx mom to a beautiful fun loving 3 year old girl who is always keeping her on her toes. Educated and seasoned in the IT field. Martha looked for ways to enjoy being a mom while working from home and continuing her education. Community awareness played an intricate role and brand awareness is a talent of hers. Always focused on keeping families active, healthy and happy knowing “just an hour a day is truly a Baby Happy Hour”.





313915_10152359395445158_1023529087_nEric Katechis is your typical closet Geek. Currently a newly minted Dad of a 3 year old little girl. He balances going to events like Greek dancing lessons, play places with his wife and daughter and local community openings in the Bronx. His social media influence caught the attention of TMZ and he is actively a role on all social media outlets, in addition his need to catch up with the latest comics and anime’s that have been released has him sharing this with his family! Always FIRST in line for a new Marvel movie!! Currently salivating at the chance to have his daughter adopt his geek hobbies, he’s just looking for the right opportunity to do so.






  1. Hello Nicole,

    My name is Melyna Hernandez and I am one of the founders of The Bronx BabySitters. We are a babysitting service in the South Bronx.

    I found your website through Erin, creater of boogiedowner. I wanted to forward my information to you and all the Moms that read your Blog.

    The Bronx BabySitters was started because we heard many mothers say how sometimes they can’t find anyone to
    take care of their children during the evenings or on weekends. Its hard for some to find last minute sitters or enjoy a nice evening out on the town without having to worry about the baby. To solve this small yet important problem we figured why not have a realiable Babysitter in the neighborhood.

    Veronica Diaz and I are usually at home in the evenings and weekends and would like to make ourselves available to all Bronx Moms. Our rates are very affordable and we are located in the South Bronx for your convenience.

    I have included our contact information as well as a small blog with details on our services. We try to keep the site updated as often as we can; showing our availability as well as references and other useful information.

    Site: http://thebronxbabysitters.blogspot.com/2008/10/bronx-babysitters-club.html

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    We hope you can help us expand our services.


    Melyna and Veronica
    The Bronx BabySitters


  2. a wanna be blogger. Originally for Brooklyn. In the Bronx for a little more that 8 years. I try to spread the good word about the Bronx. So Happy to see others doing the same.

    this was my half-hearted attempt at a bronx blog I’ll get to work now that i see so many of you out there.



  3. Love to see this community of people praising the BX. Check out the condos that I am selling, if you refer someone and they purchase, you will receive $1000 on closing day.



  4. Hi,

    So happy to see your blog. When my daughter was born and I needed something like this there was nothing around. Keep it up.

    Mother of Olivia, age 5 1/2


  5. Wonderful site– I’m thrilled to find it– keep it up!!


  6. I just came across your website and I’m so excited to see that I’m not the only one looking for things to do with my baby in the Bronx. I’m a new mom, had my baby girl 2 months ago. I really don’t know people in the Bronx and would love to meet other new moms for support, playdates, friendship, etc.


  7. Hi finally someone came up with this, I have been looking for activities for my 3 year old, & to get together with hard workings moms to share the experiences and problems ,
    BTW have you think about having a small section for Spanish speaking moms..


    1. Hi Paola,

      So happy you found this site! As far as a Spanish section-I have thought about it and just need someone to translate for me! But it is definitely a great idea and I hope to do it soon!


  8. The Riverdale Children’s Theater is a great site for Bronxmama to feature. They offer musical theater classes for kids in kindergarten and 1st grade, private voice lessons, and auditions for their upcoming performances. Their next show is the Wizard of Oz at Lehman college beginning on January 22nd at 7:30pm. Here’s their web address http://www.riverdaletheatre.org.


    1. Thank you for sharing! Sounds awesome!


  9. I am so happy I was told about this website. I was fretting over the fact that I had to travel out of the borough of the Bronx to do fun things with my son. But now that there’s this website, my job as a single mother has become a little easier. Thank you so much.


    1. Thank you for the kind words! I am so happy that parents are beginning to find BronxMama and make use of it! Please spread the word!


  10. Hi nicole, my name is ambrosia and me and my family just relocated to the bronx and its like a new
    World to us, we are coming from bk and we have a eight month old baby girl and a three year old toddler.
    I work full time but i love to engage my kids in extra activites, hopefully i can join your group to share what
    I know about being a full time employee and mom and learn new things about parent hood amd activities for
    The kids. I have also thought about starting a blog just about the day to day ups and downs of being a mom.


    1. Welcome to the Bronx! Please check out our list of Playgroups and meetups as I continue to add more, and add us on Facebook if you haven’t already- hope to meet you soon!


  11. Hi BronxMama,

    I’m a mother of a ten year old girl who is fascinated with baking. I’ve been looking for some baking classes in the Bronx but have been unsuccessful. Do you or any of your colleagues happen to know of any baking classes for children?

    This is a great resource for many Bronx mothers. Thanks


  12. Nicole, your site is amazing! And I love the feature of Alexis’ work. Kudos to your BronxMama empire. It’s inspiring.


    P.S. Our sing along at Alexis’ holiday dinner was hilarious and a great first impression!


    1. So much fun!! Hope to see you again soon!! And thank you!


  13. Casa Elena’s Sweets is an online and family-run business with the intent of providing custom cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats at a price everyone can afford in the Bronx and Manhattan.

    We would love to contribute to your site.


  14. Hi,
    This site is great!
    We are a family owned Throgs Neck/Schuyler Hill Custom Cake, Cookies and cupcake bakery. We are also trying to get some votes in order to be in the running for a Chase Grant which will allow us to build our business and finally either get a store front or a mobile unit! We are a from scratch bakery, no boxed mixes here! If you could give us a shout out it will be greatly appreciated 🙂
    Keep up the good work!
    This is the link to the Chase Grant site which should take you directly to CakeItEasy.


    The CakeItEasy Team


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