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My tradition of creating an annual vision board started around 3 years ago. My friend Alexis and I somehow got into the idea and each year she would come over for brunch and vision board creating. We’d sip mimosas while we cut out inspiring words, phrases, and pictures- and then glue everything down on our large poster boards. And no, vision boards aren’t just adult collages with champagne involved- they can be inspiring and motivating.

This year, my dear friend Alexis moved and I was sad that we’d miss our annual meetup. But I was happy that another friend said she wanted to host one, so I grabbed a huge stack of magazines and headed over.


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We created a simple spread of brunch items- bagels, donuts, pasta salad- and of course mimosas. With the magazines piled high on a table in the living room, we cheered to the new year.



Photo: Pope Jackson


Then the cutting began. Having magazines of different topics is a great way to get plenty of inspiration- travel, food, beauty, family, fitness, etc. Cut out what speaks to you- even if you’re not sure why at the time. Photos can also represent something to you- it doesn’t need to be obvious. It’s also great to share things that might not be for you, but you think someone else might want to add to their goals.


Photo: Pope Jackson


As you create a board each year, you’ll realize the differences from year to year. Some years you might notice a focus more on mental health, some travel, sometimes finances,  or fitness. Don’t feel like you need 100 goals, take the time to focus on a few goals at a time. It’s a great way to ensure sticking to them and getting them accomplished.



Photo: Pope Jackson


This year I noticed a lot more travel and happiness on my board. Some encouraging words that apply to different aspects of my life, visuals that represent things that make me happy- like hosting dinner parties and exposing others to what I love.



Whether you create a vision board at home alone or with a large group of women- I highly recommend it. Place the board near your desk, your mirror- anywhere that you can see it each day and feel inspired.

If you’re looking for an event, there’s plenty of vision board parties coming up in the Bronx. We’ve seen ones hosted by Confetti Paints, one for teens by Isabels Empowering  Queens, and more. Keep an eye out in your Facebook invites and on Eventbrite.

Cheers to 2017!





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