Previewing Ricki and the Flash with #RickiAndTheFlashMOMS

IMG_20150803_140352568 (1)By: Dalilah Smith Santos

Monday afternoon Nicole aka THE Bronx Mama and I joined The Moms for a special screening of Ricki and the Flash. What can I say?! I think we both literally laughed and cried. I think this is a story many of us can relate to. Ricki played by the AMAZING Meryll Streep, decides to follow her dream of becoming a “rock star” and leaves her home of Indianapolis to try to make it in California. But leaving her home meant leaving her children and husband, who eventually moves on and builds a new family with Maureen- played by the gorgeous Audra Macdonald. Ricki lives a pretty happy life doing what she loves, playing at a California bar with her band The Flash which includes Gibson playing love interest Greg, who is played by Rick Springfield. Ricki receives a call from her ex Pete, played by Kevin Klein– asking her to come back to Indianapolis to help their daughter Julie (played by Mamie Gummer) get out of a rough patch. Sadly, Ricki is not met with warm embraces but works to make things right and somehow tie her dream and family together. This movie brought up A LOT of feelings for me, the line that stuck out the most was :

Ricki- “I can’t have two dreams?”
Let’s talk about that for a second.
I myself always dreamed of having a family of my own. I’ve also had tons of other dreams along the way- to be an MTV VJ, a dancer, the next Angie Martinez on Hot 97, a writer, a world changer (wait, is that a thing?), an event planner, a size 10 again…yes, some of those are never going to happen but some of them can, the tricky part is finding balance. As moms many of us want so badly to do it all–take care of our family, be on top of work, and somehow work in following our other dreams that are usually placed on the back burner. And if we mess up one thing (I.e. Forgetting to sign the permission slip, or buy a Santa hat for the Xmas show, skipping dance class or the gym because we are so tired from the day that we JUST.CAN’T.EVEN…) we sometimes feel like we are failing. I’m totally guilty of this but little by little, I’m learning to forgive myself, to balance and most importantly I’m learning that it’s OK to put myself first sometimes and it’s OK to say NO when I feel stretched too thin. So after that very long tangent, I am giving you MAMA’s permission to forgive yourselves for everything you think you’re doing wrong. Put yourself first sometimes!
Take a class, write, dance, WHATEVER and go see Ricki and The Flash which opens today! 😉
IMG_20150803_134015426Thanks to The Moms for having us and the chance to ask Rick Springfield questions about his life and role in the film.
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