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Despite laundry being one of our least favorite tasks (right there with washing dishes), we do love getting the chance to review different detergents to see just how effective they are on the messes kids somehow manage to create. We were recently sent the all® Kids Stain Report which gives parents an insight to some of the biggest issues with washing kid’s everyday stains, along with some samples of all’s new mighty pacs and all® oxi.

The Test

After a day of apple picking on the farm with my two girls wearing matching outfits, we figured their dirt covered dresses would be the perfect chance to test out the might pacs oxi.

They might be girls but Briana and Gia love to get down and dirty, and wearing a dress does not stop them. They know I don’t mind as long I get a few clean pictures before the fun begins.

When we got home I sent the girls right to the shower and took the dresses straight to the washing machine. I threw in a mighty pac and waited.


The Results

After the dirt, ketchup stains, and whatever else ended up on their dresses, they came out looking just as clean as they were before the farm. I also loved the smell- perfect scent for the whole family.


Might Pac Tips:

Mighty pacs are filled with liquid detergent, sealed in a water soluble film. For small to medium loads, simply place one mighty pac in the drum of the machine before you put the clothes in, for both HE and top loading machines. For large loads, place two mighty pacs in the drum of the machine, for both HE and top loading machines. It is important that you put the pac in before you add your laundry. When the water flows in, ‘all mighty pacs will dissolve completely, even in cold water, releasing the active cleaning ingredients throughout the wash. At the end of the wash cycle, the detergent rinses clean away, leaving clothes clean and fresh. Because the mighty pacs are pre-measured to provide the right amount of detergent to clean your clothes, you can be confident that you are using the correct amount of detergent every time.

-It is perfectly fine to use your regular fabric softener while using ‘all mighty pacs. Use the same as you would with regular liquid or powder detergent.

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