Weighing In: Miracle Suit

If you read my last post about starting the 24 Day Challenge with Advocare- then you know I am serious this time around about a lifestyle change. I’ve tried diets before, but I have never actually been focused and ready- this time I am.

Most people start on their journey around the new year and plan on looking great for summer. I didn’t start my lifestyle change until the end of May, so when summer began I knew I needed to just focus on my goal but still feel good about myself.

In the past I haven’t let my weight bother me since having kids and I have tried to still be confident about my body. But this time around since I have been ready for a change, it has bothered me more than ever. But I love the beach, the pool, and being outdoors and I can’t avoid a bathing suit. Enter Miracle Suit.

Miracle Suit was nice enough to send me a Mojito tankini in Plum color. The top drapes and covers my tummy, while the bottoms are slimming. While I have a few other dress style suits at home, I love having these bottoms so that I can even out the insane tan lines I get from shorts and dressed throughout the summer.

Miracle Suits allow you to look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds- in the time it takes to slip it on. For now, it helps me to feel confident and I know that as I continue to lose the weight I will look even better- and Miracle Suit will have my back (and belly) every step of the way.

Check out more styles and their other products at www.miraclesuit.com


Thanks to Miracle Suit for allowing me to try out a suit of my own- we were not compensated for this post.

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