Bronx Girl Scouts take trip to Hudson Valley

Last week the Hudson Valley was home to 35 7th graders from South Bronx Academy for Applied Media Arts and on 45 6th grade girls from Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School. The girls had a chance to spend a day at Camp Kaufman, which is part of the Girl Scouts’ Career Exploration Program curriculum and a year-end event that will include a lot of “firsts” for these girls

The Council launched the Career Exploration Program (CEP) in 2008 to broaden the career horizons of disadvantaged girls in New York City who would not be able to participate in a traditional after-school troop, but would benefit from the Girl Scout program. CEP was designed to reach girls in middle school as girls at this developmental stage are struggling with societal messages about their value and potential. Studies show that girls at this age are at a critical crossroads where they can lose confidence and limit their future life choices. The program was designed as a progressive, three-year effort to build participating schools’ capacity to offer an enhanced academic experience for girls. In fall 2008, CEP began with the school’s sixth grade girls of four of the most underserved middle schools in the South Bronx, and has continued to work with those through the eighth grade through to high school (10th grade being the highest alumni grade).  The program was expanded to schools in Queens and Brooklyn last year.

After their trip, the girls took the time to write a journal entry for Bronxmama and share their experience at the camp!


Entry by: Shayleen Villanueva

Girl Scout Camp

Girl Scouts is and always will be awesome! I had an amazing experience in this program. For example, I remember when we talked about careers. It inspired me to do more, and to open my mind to new things. It was so great to learn about different things.

Another example is when we went to Camp Kauffmann. It was so fun and cool! While having fun with my friends I learned about the wilderness and different outdoor skills. I learned how to row a boat, fish, and how to recognize different animal species. I learned about love, sisterhood and togetherness. It was one of the best times of my life.

As you can see Girl Scouts can help young growing girls open up to new experiences. Through Girl Scouts, young girls will grow up into beautiful young ladies!

Entry by: Raffitta Massiah

Camp Kauffmann

I had so much fun! I experienced things I never thought I would like fishing, boating and hiking. Despite the heat, just being there with my friends was amazing. The food at Camp
Henry Kauffmann was great! I especially loved the bbq hot dogs!

This year camp was great because it didn’t rain, like last year and not all of my friends went. This year it was a truly great outdoors adventure! I truly loved it, it was great!

Entry By: Darely Paz

Camp Henry Kauffmann

I experience the best moments of my life. We went hiking, boating, and fishing, but I didn’t catch any fish. The coach bus was nice and fresh and I felt very comfortable, on my way to camp and on my way home too. When we got to camp we all split up into 3 groups.

First my group went boating. It was so much fun and scary since I have never been boating before. After boating we went fishing. The rods were so small and cute. I kept trying to catch a fish, but they just kept eating the worms. After we went hiking and for the first time ever I saw a snake egg! It was so cool. Even though I felt clumsy while I was hiking. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and the food!

Entry by: Kaitlyn Delgado

My experience of the Girl Scout camping trip was very good. I had many mixed emotions at the beginning. The canoeing and the fishing were really fun! I didn’t really enjoy the hiking because it didn’t really suit me. Neither did the bugs! But the food was amazing! Seeing the rabbit fur and seeing the different types of rocks really caught my attention and kept my interests. The trip was fun, even though it was burning hot! I really enjoyed it!

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