Behind the Scenes: The Biggest Baby Shower Ever

Last week we had a chance to check out the infamous Big City Mom’s The Biggest Baby Shower Ever. If you’re an expectant mom or mommy to a little one- this is definitely the place to be.

Mom’s who attend the shower have several ticket options, one of which includes an amazing over flowing gift bag. But, the basic tickets are still very worth the price- giving expectant moms direct access to hundreds of vendors- some are local businesses that you can learn about, and others are well known brands. This gives women the opportunity to check out strollers, high chairs, services and more. Being able to speak with representatives from a stroller brand and have companies demonstrate products is a much better experience than just asking a retail representative at a store.

In addition to having access to different brands and businesses, there is a lot more to experience- giveaways, pampering, seminars, and food!

As we walked around the event- you could sense the excitement in all of the expectant moms. Many were enjoying mocktails along with yummy food. Others were on their way to the next seminar. Others were excited to meet Snooki, who made an appearance with her small baby bump.

You’re only pregnant for so long, so if you are lucky enough to live near a city that Big City Moms brings their shower to, definitely be sure to be a part of it. The excitement of being pregnant and learning about new products and having a day all about you is something you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you go with a friend who is also expectant, your husband, a family member- it’s definitely a great experience.

Be sure to visit Big City Moms and find out when the next shower near you is, and enjoy!










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