Happy Holidays from Lil’ Fairy Door

We love unique finds! Introducing the Lil’ Fairy Door!

Attach your special ‘lil Fairy Door low on a wall, high on a shelf or in another secret place inside your home. Once your Fairy Door is attached, the fairies will know how to use it to come in and out. They only come out at night, and are sometimes known to exchange notes and gifts with well behaved children. Don’t try and open your Fairy Door though… only the fairies can open the door and it may scare them away if the door is not treated with care.

Lil’ Fairy Doors are proving to be not only a beautiful way to inspire imaginative play in children, but a tool for helping children through difficult childhood stages… it could be sleeping through the night, potty training, moving schools or to a new home.

“The fairies” from time to time, can leave notes of encouragement for good behaviour, special gifts, rewards or treasures to show they’ve been watching. Sometimes the fairies might even sneak through your ‘lil Fairy Door and play with some toys in your room, leaving little footprints of fairy dust behind.

Visit littlefairydoor.com for a whole range of beautiful ‘lil Fairy Doors – in pink, purple, yellow, green, red & blue and a range of ‘lil Extras to help accessorize your ‘lil Fairy Door.

To help us celebrate, Little Fairy Door is gifting one lucky BronxMama reader a lil’ Fairy Door for their little believer!

TO ENTER: Check out Lil Fairy Door on Facebook. Then leave a comment letting us know what kinds of traditions you’d start with this magical door! Random winner will be selected.



Thanks to Lil’ Fairy Door for this adorable giveaway!

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  1. This is so cute. I love the idea of using it to leave special notes and rewards for good behavior and when we start potty training… Love it 🙂


  2. what unique products ..if I win, we will use our imaginations to add our own special touches to these fairy doors


  3. This could make for some fun holiday and birthday traditions!


  4. Awww this is so cool If I win I will use to leave notes and rewards everytime she came from school with good notes 🙂


  5. I would use it as a rewards and treat box. I believe that good behavior should be properly credited and this is the perfect way to do so


  6. My daughter has been asking how the tooth fairy comes from the front door if it’s locked, now I can have an answer ;). It’s also nice to have a place where the good dream fairy hides until they’re sleeping


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