Pully Palz Giveaway!


What a great idea! We all know how many times we’ve had to crawl on the floor looking for something baby has dropped. And if it’s a pacifier, we then have to find the nearest sink to rinse off before we can give it back. Pully Palz solves just that!

Pully Palz continually retrieves pacifiers, and more! Entertains baby and helpful to parents at home or on-the-go…Attaches to car seats, bouncers and strollers.

Developmental Benefits

*Eye-hand coordination
*Fine and gross motor function
*Right brain / left brain coordination

ENTER TO WIN! Leave your name and email and let us know the craziest place your little one has dropped their pacifier or other item!

Thanks to Brilliant Baby Products for this giveaway!

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  1. Once she threw it on the floor and it somehow ended up behind the radiator.


  2. My son dropped it behind our head at 3 am so you know we weren’t happy about getting it.


  3. Getting out of the car and boom right in the sewer lol


  4. One day our son was crying and looking in direction of the stove and cabinet. First thing that came to mind was his hunger and want food. Right away i started to make something for him, but no he was still crying. So we decided to let him out of his walker. The first thing he did was crawler straight to the stove and was looking in between the stove and cabinet. I decided to bent over and what did i found his pacifier. lol..


  5. LOVE THIS CONTEST! Our daughter through her pacifier out the window. I had to double back and find it. It was her last one and it was a pacifier that she would only use.


  6. My 6 month old dropped his pacifier in the toilet! Lol my son uses the avent pacifiers and they are clear so it makes it a hassle to find them in the floor.. He us at the stage in which when he sees ood he just launches the pacifier and it always lands where you least expect it.. Under the crib, under the sofa by the crack of the refrigerator door lol I’m always amazed add to where it lands lol


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