Summer 2013 in the Bronx

This post is updated from last year. Have something to add? Let us know! Summer is here! While you might already have some awesome summer plans, there are still lots of things going on locally this summer for those days you don’t want to go far. Since we can’t list every single day’s events, here is a list of places plus websites with calendars and events for you to check out!

Bartow Pell Mansion Museum

We love this place. It’s always fun to just visit the grounds and take pics or tour the mansion, but there are also some events throughout the summer, including a summer session program for school age children.




Bronx Equestrian Center

We always recommend this place. Three pony rides for five bucks for the little ones. Enough said. Oh and course there are trail rides and lessons also.




Bronx Zoo

Of course, the Bronx Zoo is always a must. When it’s not hot enough for the beach or pool, it’s the perfect day to walk around and see your mini me’s fave animals. If it’s in your budget, a membership is definitely worth it-free parking, avoid the lines, discounts, and you have access to other attractions in NYC. Of course, Wednesdays are free (Just be prepared for more visitors).



City Island

Of course we know half of the Bronx is chowing down on fried shrimp and enjoying those yummy pina coladas on any given evening, but City Island is also fun to explore even when you’re not craving seafood. Visit the museum, check out the local shops, take pics of the gigantic boats, and grab some ice cream at Lickety Split-the cutest ice cream shop ever.



City Parks Summerstage

There are 60 Summerstage events in the Bronx this summer. Take advantage and enjoy some free performances!




I Love The Bronx

You can always check out, our tourism website complete with an event calendar and list of places to visit in the Bronx.




New York Botanical Garden

Who needs a backyard when we have the NYBG in our borough? Just walking around the grounds is relaxing and a great way to escape the concrete jungle, but don’t forget the Family Garden and Children’s Adventure Garden.




NYC Parks Calendar

In addition to the Summerstage events, there are lots of free and fun events in parks all over the Bronx. Check the calendar the night before or early each morning to find something fun at a nearby park or explore a neighborhood on the other side of the borough.

Of course you can also find the closest pool to cool off in.

And there is always Orchard Beach- since it’s the Long Island Sound, the biggest waves you have to worry about are from that sailboat in the distance.

Your local library

Cool off or stay dry on those super hot or rainy days by joining in on a free class, program or workshop at the library. Remember it’s important for kids to continue to read over the summer, so make a day of it and hang out at the nearest branch.


Wave Hill

Plan a trip to Wave Hill to enjoy the beautiful scenery and plenty of family orientated events. If you have yet to visit because it seems like such a trek, promise you will add it to your bucket list for this summer and we are sure you will wonder why you put it off for so long.




That’s not it! Look around our site for more places and fun things to do.
Want something added? Let us know!




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