BronxMama Blog-Sleep…What’s That?

By: Amy Guobadia
Since I gave birth to my third child, Aly, sleep has become foreign to me. I can’t remember the last time I slept in passed 9:30am. Shoot, I been months since I’ve slept pass 8am. Sleep affects almost every in life. It affects mood, learning new things and the immune system. A restless child, like my sweetie Aly, can cause stress on a marriage or relationship. A good night’s rest makes the whole family happy. Here are my seven nightly routines to help me keep some sanity:
1-     Our night begins with bath time. The kid’s bath time order starts from the youngest to oldest. Warm bath, brush teeth and a fresh set of pjs.
2-     A quick story comes next. I usually read the same book for one week. That way the kids learn the story very well and they can read the pictures on their own or when at school.
3-     TV OFF in the bedroom and the living room TV’s volume is lowered.
4-     Dim lights or turn off unnecessary lighting. The low lighting will help with transition to the “darker” bedroom.
5-     Bedtimes are staggered youngest to oldest. It’s only fare to have the older child stay up a little longer.
6-     Older kids and adults….SHHHHH!!! Be kind and be quiet. Nothing like loud conversations and laughter to wake up a sleeping child. That’s when you’d usually hear, “I need water” or “I have to pee.”
7-     If a child wakes in the middle of the night, DO NOT turn on the lights. Unless the child is ill and vomiting the entire content of their stomach, leave the time switch alone. The light will keep them up longer. That’s a big NO for the TV too.
What’s your routine?
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