Mini Designers

Posted by: Nicole

A few weeks ago Briana and I were invited to an event during fashion week to check out Fashion Playtes– a line where girls can design their clothes themselves. I was excited to check it out and see what Briana would come up with. The whole process is pretty cool- you start with a template and add details as you go. Briana ended up designing a dress with a bow in the front and lace on the trim. She was so happy when it finally came in the mail. Just thought I’d share this site with the rest of BronxMama- I’m sure all of you will love it just as much as we did! If you do, please share your designs with BronxMama! You can post on our Facebook page or email us at Have fun!

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  1. Hi Nicole! Thank you for such a great mention! We’re totally happy that you and Briana enjoyed our NYC event and most importantly, the overall FashionPlaytes experience! If Briana wants to show off her designing skills to the FashionPlaytes world, please have her post on our Fan Page on Facebook wall! We’d love to see the finished creation! Thanks again & let’s stay in touch!

    Thanks again


    1. It was great! I will take a picture of her wearing it soon and post 😉 !!


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