Bronx River Art Center

Even though all of the FREE classes have no openings for the summer session, I’m still copying and pasting the art classes for youths at the Bronx River Art Center.. Keep checking back at their site for the next session and take advantage of some free classes!!!

Bronx River Art Center
Summer 2008
FREE Art Classes
July 7th – August 15th

Fine Arts Classes

FREE Classes for Youth (ages 5-8):

Beginning Painting
Work from life and your imagination using water-based paints and mixed-media to create colorful one-of-a-kind artworks. On nice days, students may paint outdoors in our community garden.
Instructor: Sam Bornstein
Mondays: 10am-12pm

Beginning Drawing & Printmaking
Draw images and designs and then make multiple copies using linoleum blocks, and other printing techniques. This class is a great introduction to drawing, and the prints could be used to make greeting cards, t-shirts and posters.
Instructor: Abigail Deville
Thursdays: 10am-12pm

FREE Classes for Pre-Teens through
Young Adults (ages 9-21):

Students will be introduced to the basics of ceramics from hand-building to glazing and firing. Students will make masks, serving bowls and decorative figurines and ceramic tiles for indoor or outdoor display.
Instructor: Reuben King
Tuesdays: 2pm-4pm

FREE Classes for Teens through
Young Adults (Ages 13-21):

 “Legal!” Graffiti Painting
Are you constantly working on a tag or graffiti style in your sketchbook? Consider taking this Experimental Graffiti class! Explore the history of Graffiti Art in the Bronx by touring famous sites. Learn new and different techniques to project your unique vision without vandalizing private property.
Instructor: Courtney Burstion
Wednesday: 2pm-4pm

Mixed Media Collage and Outdoor Sculptural           Installation
This class will explore ecological, environmental and social issues through public art works produced directly in the neighborhood surrounding The Bronx River Art Center. Through these installations, students will cultivate creative expressions of their concerns, beliefs and personal histories within the context of the urban environment.
Instructor: Abigail DeVille
Thursdays: 2pm-4pm
Fridays: 2pm-4pm

From what I read they also have after school programs but contact them for fee information.

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